The Show Must Go On…Sometimes

This is for anyone who has made a complete fool of themselves for the sake of the ministry.  This has no spiritual meaning; I just thought it would be fun to have a good laugh together.

The end of the day was drawing closer.  One more outreach and then we could all go back to the church.  I was tired and ready for a warm meal and some much needed rest.  The air outside was brisk so I pulled my jacket tight around my shoulders.  My thoughts drifted as I looked through the crowd.  I smiled to myself.  After months of preparation we were finally in England.  Hundreds of support letters and countless hours of drama practice had all paid off.   I was overwhelmed with excitement as teenagers began gathering together to see what we were doing.  I looked around, hoping to make eye contact with Barry.  I knew he would be just as thrilled as I was about the turnout.  As I focused on the faces in the crowd I quickly realized I was the only American around, the rest of the team members were no where in sight.    I started making my way back to the stage when I heard the music.  The drama team was about to perform one of my favorite skits.  My husband, who can grow facial hair on demand was playing Jesus.  I had to get close enough to take pictures.  As he stood there in his handmade costume he looked like a cross between Miss America and a homeless man. 

While the drama unfolded, the crowd responded wonderfully.  They were laughing and enjoying every moment of the performance.   I was overjoyed as I scanned the crowd, soaking in the smiling faces and then I saw him… standing off in the distance talking to a crowd of people.  Joel!  He was supposed to be in the final scene of the skit.  And not just any scene…it was a carefully choreographed fight scene.  I started yelling and waving my arms, trying desperately to get his attention.  Nothing was working, so in a moment of panic I ran up to the stage and began throwing punches.  Mind you I was dressed in my favorite jeans, a cute wool coat and some adorable leather boots and there I was, swinging my fist at our team leader and fearless actor Sean.  I can still see the look on his face.  I know it took everything within him to keep his composure…I totally took him by surprise.  And then there was Barry, in his Jesus costume, standing at the foot of the stage doubled over in laughter as he watched me aimlessly swing and kick with all my might.   

I still wonder what the people in the crowd were thinking when I bolted up onto the stage in a frenzy, dropping church flyers as I ran.  There is no doubt in my mind that whatever ministry could have happened in the lives of the English bystanders that day was forfeited by my less than Oscar-winning performance.  They probably walked away laughing at the crazy American girl and hoping that I wouldn’t follow after them, waving flyers and asking them to come to church with me.  

Barry and I still laugh about that day in England.  It is one of our favorite ministry experiences together.  But I must admit, if it were to happen again…I would have no problem keeping my hands to myself. 

It’s true, the show must go on.  But, in my opinion, sometimes it’s best to let the men throw the punches.

4 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On…Sometimes

  1. I am laughing so hard that I’m crying and can hardly type! The funniest thing is that I know you so well that I can imagine your desperation to save the day charging you on. I can totally see your franticness as you “perform” in your cute outfit! Classic. I love it!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh my goodness…I just scared my little one because I was laughing so hard I started to cry.

    That is soooo funny–I love it! I can totally picture the entire scene!

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