Reality Church

I absolutely love reality television.  It is one of my favorite indulgences.  The more drama…the better.  I guess I kind of enjoy seeing people’s “real lives”.  It makes me feel like I am not alone in my quirkiness.  If camera’s were rolling at my house today, you would have found me in my PJ’s until noon, logged onto Facebook while feeding Rowan store-bought baby food.  All the while wishing so badly that he would just lay down for a nap so that I could get a few things accomplished.   I looked absolutely horrible and until around 3pm so did my house.  That’s my reality most days.  Things just aren’t that glamorous at the Bishop crib.  Actually, they are pretty boring.

Tonight, I started wondering what a reality show completely centered on church goers may look like, specifically myself?  I wonder if I would start out trying to impress everyone by throwing in some Praise God phrases and carefully thought out words of wisdom for the viewing audience.  Or maybe I would give money to a stranger in need or leave a really good tip for the waitress serving up my Sunday lunch. 

Would I put on a show or would I just be myself?  

Honestly, when it comes to my faith…the showy part of Christianity often leaves me more nauseous than inspired.  And the more I think about it, the show or the act of being a “Christian” is exactly the opposite of what I am supposed to do.  Actions should never replace my state of heart.  Real influence happens when I am Christlike, not when I act Christlike.   When and where did that change?  When did being a really good follower of Christ become clouded with expectations and shaded with performance?  When did I allow myself to begin acting, instead of being?

My heart is aching for the freedom to be real.  And not just for myself, but for everyone.  I long for people to have the freedom to be themselves around me…sin and all.  Not that I am excusing sin, in fact I desire freedom from sin in the church.  But, how can we as a Body get freedom if no one is willing to speak up or talk about their shortfalls and struggles?  After all, no one is perfect.  It seems that the only way healing and freedom can flow to the pews is when I along with other Christians trade pride for vulnerability and performance for reality.  It may not be easy and it’s not always comfortable, but I want to live a life worth watching.

7 thoughts on “Reality Church

  1. What a great post! I 100% agree with you which is why I have a section on my Blog called struggles – I long for people to be real so I decided to start the ball rolling by being real myself. It’s so difficult to know how far to go though when you are a woman in leadership! I am sure I shock people with my horrific stories of my past sometimes – but I don’t see the point of hiding it either or else someone will dig it up anyway & add their slant to the truth.

    Oops sorry got carried away there… Love what you said about consistency – that has really helped me 🙂

    1. Angela, I checked out the section on struggles and it is wonderful! I actually spent an hour looking through your blog. You are an amazing writer and I love how much heart goes into each and every one of your posts. Thank you for sharing your heart, it is greatly appreciated!

  2. Jana you are such a breath of fresh air!!! The sad thing is that there are people who live their lives like they are on the Christian Reality TV show and no one ever sees the real them. I love that you are inviting people to be real and vulnerable. Oh and you are so not alone in the pajamas til noon and messy house… 😉

  3. Love this Jana! Sooooo true and right on!

    God does not expect Perfection….just Progress!

    Love you girl… Keep up the good WORD!!!

    1. Interesting that you mention perfection. I like the note on progress. In a Bible study I participated in with women at church, another concept was discussed: We cannot attain perfection, but we can be consistent. So many of us try to be/act perfect and we inevitably fail; but consistency is something I can shoot for.

      Thanks for sharing.

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