Steering Through Chaos – Book Review

As a student at Oak Cliff Assembly of God in the 1990’s I had the incredible privilege of having Scott Wilson as my youth pastor.  I can remember being so excited when I was accepted onto the youth leadership team.  Even then it was evident that Scott had the ability to develop leaders and equip them for the ministry.  Back then we had to go through a six-week training manual before we could become a part of the team.  The final step was leading someone to the Lord.  I spent weeks hoping that I would have the chance to pray with someone.  Finally, and I can’t emphasize that word enough, I convinced a little boy that I babysat to say the sinners prayer with me.  Afterwards he told me he had already prayed that before.

I was so desperate to attend Scott’s leadership meetings I counted it anyways.  🙂

What I love about Steering Through Chaos is the way in which Scott writes.  I felt connected to his stories and examples.  His honesty was refreshing and revitalizing.  As I read I was inspired when he tackled the tough subject of church growth.  Although, we can’t always look at numbers as our judge, they do play an important role in understanding what barriers we may be facing in our growth.  We have probably all experienced or seen churches that are thriving and growing while others remain stagnant and unmoved by the needs of those around them.  Scott dives deep into these topics and shares personal stories of his successes and failures during his 20+ years of ministry.  I don’t know about you…but it’s hard to talk about the rough patches.  Yet, Scott does it with integrity and ease.  He makes you feel as though you are not alone.  And that you too can navigate your way to a church bursting with vision and growth without sacrificing your family and staff along the way.

Steering Through Chaos is a vital read for pastors and leaders.  Whether you are a senior pastor or a seminary student you will be refreshed as you read Scott’s incredible journey.  With practical tips and discussion questions for you and your staff this book delivers more than just information…it aides you in preparing for incredible growth!

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