Never Forgotten

Okay, from memory right now I am going to try to name all of Snow White’s seven dwarfs.  Here I go… 

1. Sleepy 

2. Sneezy 

3. Dopey 

4. Happy 

5. Bashful 


I can’t remember the other ones.  Who I am missing?  Oh yeah…Doc and Grumpy.  I tried this with Santa’s Reindeer and the 12 disciples of Jesus.  No matter what, I always forgot at least one.  That started bugging me.  Why couldn’t I remember all of them?  Maybe it’s because my brain shrunk by 8% while I was pregnant and I still haven’t recovered.  Or maybe I just haven’t paid close enough attention to the stories and names involved through the years.  

Not too long ago I went through a time of feeling forgotten.  It wasn’t that I felt like people had forgotten me, I actually felt like God had.  In my mind I wondered if He was tired of waiting around on me to get my act together.    After all, the last two years have brought a cross-country move, a new job and a precious baby boy.  In the midst of all of these major life changes I’ve been a little sidetracked and my times with the Lord have taken on a different look.  

I was reading in Psalm 8 the other day and it talked about God being mindful of His children.  That meant so much to me.  I was reminded that God’s thoughts about me are not dependant upon my actions.  Even when I can’t spend as much time praying or worshipping like I have in the past… I can still count on Him being mindful of me.  It’s amazing isn’t it, that He really hasn’t forgotten me.  If He were to list His children from memory, I would not be left out.  According to His word, I am always on His mind! 

My season as a Mommy has just started.  I have many years ahead of me that will contain sleepless nights, early mornings, piles of laundry and days where I feel that nothing got done.  But, what I can also count on is knowing that my devotion to my Savior does not have to get lost in the shuffle.  Even when my attention may be divided…my heart can remain steadfast.  Whether it be a prayer each time I make a bottle, a song of worship while I wash dishes or a heartfelt thank you directed to heaven when my little boy laughs.  Each of these moments solidifies the loyalty of my affection.  Just as His thoughts are towards me, my heart beats for Him.  And I adore my Creator all the more for trusting me with the gift of Motherhood!


7 thoughts on “Never Forgotten

  1. Hi Jana,

    That is so precious and so true! One thing I have learned from 18 years of being a mommy is that understanding your relationship with your children really helps you understand God’s heart towards you. It’s not that you have less time to spend with Him it’s more a case of the way you spend your time with Him is sometimes by spending time with your child(ren) because if you do it unto the least of these you do it unto Him 🙂 Just my take on it all xx


  2. That’s a great attitude Jana and a great reminder that HE never forgets US even when we may wander.

    I know it sounds trite, but relish the babyhood (as much as you can without sleep!) 🙂 It goes so quickly!!!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I needed to hear it too. I have a pile of laundry a mile high and a sick baby that won’t let me put him down for a second. 🙂 Just trying to keep my focus…one day at a time.

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