Stuck at KFC

This is how Barry and I passed the time when we were stuck in the drive thru of KFC for an exceptionally healthy dinner a while back.  Actually, we were headed to a costume party and this is what we decided to bring as our “pot luck” dish…since I can’t cook and we didn’t want to be blamed for making anyone sick. 

We sat in line for 20 minutes.  I’m not kidding, it took forever.  So, in an effort to entertain ourselves we had a contest to see who could make the craziest face and take a picture of it.  Then the other person had to attempt to make the same face.  I was sitting in the back seat trying to keep the baby entertained as well.  Just in case you are wondering why the seat belts are on the same side.   We ended up laughing so hard…it was worth waiting almost half an hour for deep fried, clog the arteries chicken.  Here are a few of the out takes: 

Yes…we are definitely youth pastors!

7 thoughts on “Stuck at KFC

  1. Thanks Liz…we are teaching Rowan to laugh loud. Poor little guy. He will either be extremely outgoing or severely embarrased by us!

    Indy! I’m so excited I found your blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts…I’ll be following your future writings. 😉

    Deana…love you my friend, thanks for enjoying the pictures with me!

  2. I think silly humor is the best part of living life together. It’s what brings the laughs, which is medicine for closeness and love. And it gives both of you an excuse to use your contagious laughter!

    When I first saw the pictures I laughed more at the thought hearing of the loud laughter of the Bishops filling the walls of the car — a dear sound which I miss so much! I can’t wait for Rowan to join in the thunderous laughter with his cute little humor. Two thumbs up on sharing the Bishop-style humor with all of us!

  3. You seem like a cool and fun couple…that is so something my husband would want to do.

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your ministry.

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