Better Late than Never

We raced to the terminal, dragging our luggage behind us as we ran.  I was out of breath by the time we reached the irritated attendant at the flight desk.  She displayed her aggravation with great pleasure by rolling her eyes and sighing loudly.  But, at that moment, I really didn’t care that I had become the subject of scrutiny.  I was so happy that we weren’t going to spend the night on the floor of the airport. 

As we boarded, I ignored the glaring passengers and gleefully skipped to my seat.  Despite the fact that we were the cause of a ten-minute delay, I pushed aside my feelings of guilt.  All that mattered was that we made it onto the plane and we were headed home.  The hurried events of the week faded into the background as we snuggled in closer and prepared for the long trip ahead.  Barry and I drifted off to sleep as we flew into the setting sun.  The future seemed to hold fresh hope and we were thrilled at the thought of dreaming again.


Have you ever felt as though you missed your window of opportunity?  Do you have seasons of life that you can look back on with regret?  Maybe you decided to pass up a job or gave up on a business venture too soon.  Or perhaps you dedicated so much of your time to one aspect of life, you forgot to look up and see the world around you. 

Lately I’ve given a lot of thought to my past.  Not thoughts of regret or disdain, I’ve just spent some time reflecting.  Now that I am officially in my 30’s, I have taken a moment to consider the decisions that have brought me to this point.  Some of them make me smile with pride (the good kind, just in case you were worried ;)) and other’s have left me scratching my head in bewilderment. 

But despite my lack of clarity on each and every season.  I have come to a couple of conclusions. 

1. It’s never too late to pursue God


2. It’s never too late to go after your dreams

At this time in life it would be easy for me to give up on the desires of my heart.  After all, many of them have sat on the shelf for years.  But, it seems as though the more I struggle to push them aside, the more they push back. 

Even though I feel like I’m running feverishly through the airport of life so I don’t miss the flight to my future…I am also resting in the knowledge and peace that God is in control.  I may have endured some set backs through the years and life may have thrown me some surprises along the way, but my story doesn’t end here.  Right now, I truly feel as though God is waiting for me to take confidence in knowing that He is the one who put those desires in my heart.  He gave me those dreams.  I am trusting that as I follow His lead and rejoice in His timing… some of those crazy, outrageous dreams might just take flight.

Do you have dreams that seem to be dying?  Take heart in knowing that God is a Redeemer…He can breathe fresh life into the dry bones of our past and give us hope for the dreams of tomorrow.

Much Love,


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6 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Absolutely true, I am 37 this year and have only just discovered that I can write songs and lead worship! It’s been an incredible journey and I am so glad I gave it a go as I feel like I have come alive! This has given me the confidence to try so many other new things – a few Sunday’s ago I played the bass guitar in the band – what fun!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your heart, and for commenting on my page so I could read yours! I look forward to reading about your journey and maybe sharing some insight with each other along the way!


  3. I love this entry, Jana. I could really relate.

    I just turned 30 in February and it’s been so tough to think that we still don’t have kids…we’re still not pregnant but am learning to exercise my faith.

    His plans are perfect as is His timing. I will continue to wait and trust that He has the best in store for us.

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