Which Jesus do you Picture?

We went to a friends college graduation party yesterday and as always, I love seeing the artwork in people’s homes.  I feel like it represents them or shows a piece of their soul.  So, in my usual fashion…I was snooping around.  As my eyes soaked in their gorgeous home, I noticed a hand drawn picture framed in their entry way.  And to be completely honest…it changed my life.

As we casually talked over some delicious pepperoni pizza (I love pizza) our friend told us the story of what inspired his artwork.  While visiting a church one Sunday morning years ago, he noticed that all of the pictures of Jesus in the sanctuary portrayed Him in a weak manner.  He was kneeling, sulking or looking towards heaven in a helpless fashion.  Feeling as though the Jesus He knew was not at all captured in those pictures, he went home and drew his own idea of his Savior.  I must say that it is amazing! 

So, you may be wondering what it looks like.  Well, sadly I don’t have a copy to show you, but I will attempt to describe the magnificent portrait to the best of my ability.

In the picture you see Jesus standing tall and incredibly strong.  His hair is long, but it’s long like a rock star, not an unkept man.  His eyes are fierce and intense.  They reflect the incredible passion and determination He has for mankind.  One arm is outstretched in defense and protection while the other is wrapped around the person he is rescuing.  My words cannot describe the emotions it evoked in my heart.  I kept thinking…now that is a hero. 

Thank you Cory for capturing the valor and strength that represents the man who died for our sins and redeems us from destruction.  I hope that one day your drawings will make their way into people’s homes, offices and churches.  You truly have a talent!  Congratulations on your graduation we are so excited to see what the future will hold for you and your amazing family!!

9 thoughts on “Which Jesus do you Picture?

  1. The picture sounds TRULY awesome! I think the church needs to broaden its portrayal of the man who is God. Why do we think God can be portrayed in just one way, or for that matter, one skin tone? It reminds me of Todd Agnew’s song, My Jesus. I can understand portraying Jesus as meek sometimes, especially to remind us to be meek and that he was human, but it seems to be that 90% of Jesus art portrays 10% of the man.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful idea! I agree I don’t feel that the Jesus portrayed on church windows is the Jesus I see in my mind. He is my hero and is strong and mighty yet gentle and meek.

  3. Thank you so much, I am so glad that this picture had the desired effect on you. It sure did on me as well, at a time I really needed to see him for who he truly is in my life.

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