Champion for the People

I heard a phrase today and it has stuck with me all afternoon.  It was used to describe one of the church staff members .  The phrase was “Champion for the People.”  My heart was instantly moved at this thought.  One of my favorite scripture verses about Jesus is where He is referred to as a Champion. (Isaiah 19:20 and Isaiah 49:25)  It just evokes so much emotion within me when I think about Christ in this manner and it makes me want to strive for the same in my life.

As I drove home today listening to Rowan laugh and coo in the back seat, my heart was full of joy and faith.  I asked God to make me a Champion for His people.  Someone that will stand up for justice and believe for the best in peoples lives.  I want to keep this phrase on the forefront on my mind this week and check my actions against its meaning.  I can’t settle for anything less now…the goal is before me. 🙂

What about you?  What do you think when you read that phrase?  How can we embody this as we lead and love our home, family, ministries and life?

4 thoughts on “Champion for the People

  1. mmm, great statement to ponder!!!

    I think of all the times that I have so wanted to come to my own defense. People can be brutal to those in leadership. Yet I know that when I would just let God come to my defense, let Him be my champion – He would right the wrongs in such a way that makes me stand in awe.

    That is my first thought but I can tell that my mind will be pondering that phrase for awhile 🙂

    1. So true Gloria! It’s one of those phrases that you have to mull over for a while. I’m still pondering all that it entails in every are of my life. One thing is for sure…I’m so glad I serve a Victorious God!

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