My Best Friend

Let me just warn you this post might get a little mushy…

The past two weeks I have noticed a quality in my husband that I admire so much.  He has got to be the best person IN. THE. WORLD. to rejoice with.  Seriously, a few days ago he woke me up to share some exciting news  about a friend of ours.  He was so thrilled for the guy, he had to spill the beans with me right away.  It made me smile…and then I went right back to sleep. 😉  Then later on in the week he came home talking about someone elses victory and how he was “totally thrilled” for them.  His joy for them was contagious.

Even though I’m just now highlighting this quality it has ALWAYS been evident Barry’s life.  He cheers people on and motivates them to go for the GOLD!  I wrote an entry last week about the phrase “Champion for the People.”  To me…this is one aspect of it and I was so excited to see it displayed in my husband’s life.

I’m proud that Barry is my handsome hero, my best friend and the fearless leader of our home.  He makes a great husband, father and pastor.  I truly am thankful that he loves to rejoice in the victories and accomplishments of others.  It is a quality I greatly admire!

Oh… and by the way…Rowan took his first two steps yesterday!  I should be keeping a baby book…but instead I’ll just blog about it.  Go Rowan!

13 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. It is so wonderful to have such an encourager in your midst! Good thing you two compliment each other so well!

    YAY for Rowan! Micah is crawling like crazy everywhere and pulling up on anything and everything. He’s trying really hard to walk!

  2. That’s awesome. I love the selfless-ness in that quality of being happy for others and as excited as if it was your own good news. Rowan is adorable! So exciting he’s walking now. Your days have just gotten busier! But oh so worth it.

    (btw, just now responded to your comment on a post we were talking together about last week…sorry, got busy and never replied…not that you were looking for a reply, but you know what I mean. gosh, that got wordy.)

  3. Jana, I couldn’t agree with you more! Honestly though, both of you have that same amazing quality of making people feel special and are always excited about what’s going on in their lives. I just love you guys for that!

    1. Patsy…thank you! That means so much since you have known us for years and you have seen all of our faults too! Thank you for the encouragement…we LOVE you!!

  4. Congratulations Rowan. Oh and you and your wonderful husband caused me to write my latest blog post, perhaps there is someone in the world as lovely as the two of you who may be available to work with Eric & I! You are both the most awesome couple – it would be so lovely to meet you one day 🙂

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