I Know Him

We were the only ones in the waiting room.  It was quiet, and somewhat cozy.  Pictures lined the walls, countless success stories all captured on film.  Some of them cute, and others…well…not so cute.  Barry leaned over and whispered in my ear ” Are you sure this is legit, I mean there is really no way to know what he looks like.  They could show everyone the same baby and no one would ever know.”  I sighed in frustration “Thanks for ruining the moment” I replied with a swift punch to his arm.

I was excited and so was Rowan.  Despite the limited space, he was moving like crazy in my womb.  I placed Barry’s hand gently on my stomach, we were about to get a glimpse of our baby, our little boy.  My heart swelled with pride and love.  I looked at Barry’s hands, so strong and manly…in my mind I had a long list of the attributes that I wanted Rowan to obtain from his Dad.  I was hoping the 3D ultrasound we were about to receive would reveal if any of my prayers were answered.

As the technician opened the door to our room, the first thing I noticed was the gigantic flat screen TV on the wall.   I laughed to myself knowing that Barry was wishing they would put on ESPN while we got everything settled.   Within a matter of moments we were witnessing our little boy for the first time.  His tiny arms and legs.  His precious fingers and toes.  It was magical and life changing.

As I looked at the screen, all I could think about was Rowan.  I adored seeing him.  I could have sat there in amazement watching him all day.  Barry and his mom were both teary eyed as they witnessed him tumble and do flips.   While I watched him move around, I realized… I already knew him.  I knew him because he was a part of me.  We spent every day together.  If I got up for a little mid-night snack…so did Rowan.  When I went to the beach and breathed in the ocean air…Rowan was with me.  In our own way, without ever locking eyes or holding hands, we knew each other.  I was giving him life and he was bringing me more joy with each passing day.

As we drove home that afternoon, I started thinking about my relationship with God.  He is my Creator, He has loved me unconditionally and given me eternal life.  He knows me better than I know myself.  And because I have a relationship with God, I have the ability to know Him too.  We are able to spend each moment together, I can enjoy His presence, know His peace and follow His will.

He knows me and I am so thankful that the God of the Universe has allowed me the opportunity to know Him as well!

5 thoughts on “I Know Him

  1. Okay, teary-eyed! I love this post, and it is soooo true!
    Thank you again for sharing such beautiful moments from your life and timeless truths. Keep it coming!

  2. It’s such a beautiful thought, that He knows us as closely as you knew your little one inside your tummy 🙂 I don’t think we can ever realise how much he really knows us and loves us.

    Great post

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