Day 1…Again

I love the phrase “Back to the Basics.”  That is used all the time around our house.  Whenever we feel the busyness of life taking over we simply remind ourselves of this powerful phrase.  The other night after youth group Barry and I sat and talked for a couple of hours.  It was fun and so refreshing.  We laughed, joked, dreamed and recalled our favorite memories with Rowan from the week.  I think we laughed the most at how long and curly Rowan’s hair is getting.  Tonight after his bath he looked like Bill Murray…I kid you not.  The boy has got some crazy hair!

Anyways, in the midst of the fun moments, we also shared some deeper thoughts on life and our relationship with God.  For the last couple of years Barry and I have been rebuilding our relationship with God…a personal relationship.  We spent a long time being obedient to people in the name of Christian faith and service, but in the process we lost the LOVE and HEART for God.  So, we have been rediscovering Him and His will for our lives.  It’s been breathtaking to see the Lord chase after us with intense chivalry and valor.  I love it and I deeply love Him!

I may be getting back to the basics or feeling like I am starting all over again, but one of my favorite things to think about is the fact that tomorrow…I will be one day and one step closer than ever before.

2 thoughts on “Day 1…Again

  1. Beautiful! The pursuit is on…and you will find everything and more then you can even imagine…as you know. SOOO encouraging, Jana! This blessed me.

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