On The Path Toward Healing

A friend of mine is an AMAZING artist and she just posted this painting on Facebook today.  Once I saw it, I knew I needed to share it with everyone…especially those that are hurting.  All of her work is inspiring because she has used painting as an avenue of healing in her own life. 

Feel free to check out her blog A Girl and Her Brush as well as her Etsy site.  I hope that you will be ministered to in the same way I was when I looked through all of her paintings.  I even have one in my house…I love her work so much!

2 thoughts on “On The Path Toward Healing

  1. thanks so much jana for sharing my painting! i am truly honored and so humbled that my art can touch other people. after walking through the things that i have walked through, my heart is to encourage others that there is no circumstance too far gone that god can’t bring healing and hope to.

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