Feeling Risky?

Barry and I spoke with an old friend last night and in the midst of the conversation he mentioned something that I can’t get out of my head.  He said:

“The average life span consists of roughly 70 years.  70 years equals around 25,000 mornings. Don’t allow anything to stand in the way of you making the most of your life”

I pulled out my calculator and figured out that I am on morning number 11,130.


When I was 19 I jumped off of a cliff…literally.  I was at Lake Travis with some friends and they decided to go cliff jumping.  Naively, I ran, leaping from the 60 ft. cliff (okay, maybe I am embellishing a little) and hit the water ribs and hips first. It scared me so badly that I drank in half of the lake in my attempt to scramble back to the surface of the water.

Point of this story…don’t jump off cliffs in Austin, TX in the middle of a drought.  But, in the same breath I would also like to say…

Don’t avoid the deep waters just because of one bad experience.

There have been a number of instances where I took a risk and it ended with me limping away or wishing that I would have just played it safe.  But…there are also the times where I just went for it.  I took a step of faith and it ended up being the best decision of my life.  The deep waters I landed in gave me the ability to experience life in a new way.  They made the walls disappear, they gave me freedom and made me trust.

In many instances…the deep waters were what saved me.

What about you?  Are there some risks you are facing…but you have been afraid to take them?  Is there anything standing in the way of you making the most of your 25,000 mornings?

5 thoughts on “Feeling Risky?

  1. I know about taking risks and stepping out…6 years ago my husband and I stepped out of our part time position at a church to become U.S. Missionaries. When we were appointed we faced opposition on every side. Our dream was to live in So. Cal and minister to the Mexicans who had just crossed the border. We were pregnant with our first child and the finances never came in for us to move there. We were told by our National Office that we needed to find a new ministry to do. I was crushed I felt as if no one believed in me or wanted to help me live my dream. We applied to small churches for Sr Pastor positions and would always be the next best. We were asked to return to the Church we left and be part time Childrens ministry Outreach and Missions. Later the position changed to Small groups Outreach and Missions. We grew and saw much change in our lives. Over the last 3 years God has given us many opportunities to grow our faith. This year was our year for risk taking…We are in the Application process to be Missionaries to Mexico. I am trusting that God will not allow our experiance to be the same as before. Already we have had a much smoother experiance. I look back at that hard time and could become fearfull but I choose to Trust…God held me in the palm of his hand. He knew the people we wanted to reach in So. Cal were not ready to hear our message of Hope. God’s belief in me is all that matters. He knows the plans He has for me! Life and ministry is a risk and sometimes the Jump is scary until your realize He will always catch you!
    Thanks for sharing this encouraging word Jana!

    1. Julia I cannot wait to see what God does in your life in this next season. You have always carried an amazing heart for the nations…I love seeing you go after your dreams and I’m so thankful that you never gave up! We are only a few hours from the border…we will have to work together sometime and do some missions work with you guys in Mexico!

  2. Sweet Jana,
    Thai & I have been so blessed by your writings (& a few other honest, insightful blogs). You are refreshing & encouraging in so many ways. We are in a season of stepping out & trusting that He will meet us there…that He’s given us a lamp & a passion, but not many concrete answers. It’s wonderfully uncertain, and we’re jumping in!
    We love both of you Bishops (& baby Bishop that we need to meet one day!)

  3. I numbered my days a few years ago to remind me how precious each day is. Life is so very short when you look at it that way and we really do need to take some risks. I have taken quite a few lately and have been blown away by the results!

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