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I’m so happy you are here!  The best way to read my blog is to start with My Story and then head on over to Redemption Road.

And, in case you are like me and enjoy seeing a timeline of events, I have added one below! It’s been SO long since I’ve written those posts. 10+ years to be exact!  As I read back over them, I can see where it’s a bit difficult to piece things together as you read along. To help cut down on the confusion, I’m going to add these dates/locations to the top of each story. 

Here’s a brief summary of where we were and when. Hope this helps!

2002 – Married in Austin, TX

2003 – Moved to Broussard, LA (lived with church elders)

2004 – Moved to the duplexes on the church grounds

2004 – Sent to Every Nation Graduate School of Campus Ministry (GSCM) in Palos Verdes, CA

2005 – Finished GSCM and moved back to Broussard, LA (duplexes)

2005 – Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana

2006 – 2007- Still in Broussard. Also assisting with a church plant in Lafayette, LA 

2007 – Barry resigned! We both got jobs and bought a house. 

2008 – Barry took a job as a youth pastor in LaVerne, CA. I found out I was pregnant with Rowan the day we moved from Louisiana to California. ❤

2009- Rowan is born! Awwww…

2010 – 2011 – Told my story on this blog. So healing.

2008 – 2018- Barry was on staff at a church in LaVerne, CA. We loved it! I just want to clarify that this church was NOT connected to Every Nation or the GSCM we attended in 2004. 

2019 – We felt our time in church ministry was coming to an end. There was no sin, or church abuse. We just wanted to see what God had for us outside of full time, paid church ministry.  So, we moved from California to Texas to be near family and to explore what God has for us in this exciting, new chapter of our lives. ♥️

2020 – I opened up my blog again. I don’t know how often I will post. But, I do LOVE knowing it’s a resource for anyone in need.

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