Shotgun For Sale

I was left home alone.  Let me just clarify something...I HATE being home alone.  So, in an effort to make me feel more secure, Barry showed me how to use a shotgun before he left for the week.  Okay, okay stop laughing!  It wasn't loaded and to be honest, I had no idea where the bullets were.  But, I figured [...]

The Mrs. and the Mistress

Barry and I sat across from each other, eyes locked and holding hands.  My throat was sore from trying to hold back my emotions.  I knew things were going to change, I could just sense it deep in my heart.  My mind wandered for a brief moment as I looked around the beautiful home we recently purchased.  I [...]

The Lonely Fall

The Fall of 2006 was a lonely time for me... I ran into the living room a little shocked, but mostly excited.  I had taken three pregnancy tests and all of them came back positive.  It was true, I was going to be a mom...we were going to be parents.  After 4 years of marriage Barry and I desperately wanted [...]

The Real Truth

I have wrestled with writing this blog for  a while now.   As a minister’s wife born into a family of minister’s I have searched for books, magazines, and blogs that could inspire me and encourage me in my role as a pastor’s wife.  But what I've found is that it's hard to be vulnerable, when your job is to lead.  My hope is that in [...]