Which Jesus do you Picture?

We went to a friends college graduation party yesterday and as always, I love seeing the artwork in people's homes.  I feel like it represents them or shows a piece of their soul.  So, in my usual fashion...I was snooping around.  As my eyes soaked in their gorgeous home, I noticed a hand drawn picture framed in their entry [...]

What are You Believing for?

I gently caressed Rowan's little face while he slept in my arms.  He was so young, yet he had already brought such incredible joy to our lives.  I caught a glimpse of Barry sleeping as he reclined his head back against the wall.  We were so tired.  We knew to expect weariness, but I don't think either of us [...]

Generational Blessings

Tears soaked the carefully typed pages as I read in silence.  My Grandfather spent months writing his memoir.  Moments and stories that were burned into his memory, were skillfully captured on paper.  A priceless gift to his children and grandchildren.  I was touched by the time he spent writing and recalling his years as a husband, father and pastor.   My [...]