The Gift of Silence

Days and then weeks went by as I felt the pressure to post my findings.  I felt this need to dispute certain accusations and fight against lofty rumors.  But, as I struggled to place shape around my discoveries and credit to my conversations, I realized the search for the truth wasn't for anyone else.  It was for me...for my own good.  I was the one who needed to know.  I needed to believe in my heart  that men of God can truly stay men of God...

10 years later…

10 years later…

If you have read the blog in the past, or perhaps you are finding it for the first time today. Welcome! My name is Jana Bishop. My husband and I were in ministry for 17 years. We served in big churches, small churches. Healthy churches and abusive churches. And one thing is for sure, the abusive church experience stayed with us for years. Long after we left. And that's why I started this blog. I'm not an expert. I'm just a girl with a story to tell. My hope is that if you are reading this because you too, have felt like damaged goods, you will see some similarities in my story and know that you are not alone.

Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry

I've tried really hard to write this week.  I've stared at the blank computer screen resting my hands against the keyboard with tears in my eyes.  I've felt so insecure about trying to put my thoughts out here in the open for everyone to read.  So, like any vulnerable person...I held them inside because I wanted [...]

Important Update for MC students

Below is a statement regarding the affiliate status of the Master's Commission that Barry and I were on staff at in Louisiana.  In light of the many stories of abuse the MCIN received, they conducted an investigation and have removed the affiliate status of this program. I am forever thankful to Pastor Lloyd Zeigler and [...]

Serving Me = Serving God

When Barry resigned and we finally left the church that caused us so much confusion...we were in a fog for quite a while afterwards.  I'm not kidding.  We were socially awkward and unsure of ourselves.  Everything we were taught was called into question by us, by our family and by our true friends.  We were [...]

My Very First Interview

I have a wonderful blogging friend named Angela and her blog was one of the first ones that I started reading at the beginning of this year.  She has been a great source of encouragement for me and I was completely thrilled when she asked me to do an interview for her website...King's Daughters.  Needless [...]