2005 – Finished GSCM and moved back to Broussard, LA

Barry was in the living room watching TV when the phone rang.  After just a few short minutes of casual conversation he went silent.  He listened intently and then ended with a quick word of sympathy.  I made my way over to the sofa and curled up next to him.  I paused for a moment in order to allow Barry some time to process the news he just received.  I knew from the perplexed look on his face it was not going to be good.

After a few minutes of sitting together in silence Barry informed me that the ministry school in California (GSCM) was in trouble and things were declining rapidly.  News of an affair, misuse of ministry funds, extravagant salaries, verbal and physical abuse were just some of the breaking stories making headlines within the Every Nation realm of ministry.  It was surprising, yet expected.  While we were there we saw the way in which leaders operated.  Not all, but many of them began using people for their own gain.  Instead of serving the Bride of Christ, they turned to her for personal advancement and affirmation.  The dwindling level of integrity was becoming an issue, and sadly the ones who faced the most questioning were also the ones with the most influence.

Barry and I were saddened at the news.   We were several months out of our time in school there.  The distance and time away eased the blow of the horrific discoveries.  However, when we approached the subject of the accusations with one of our pastors we were quickly told not to worry about it.  We were immediately silenced and lost all ability to process the news in a decent manner.  Instead we were left to figure things out on our own.

Shortly thereafter,  we learned that our church and pastor were breaking off connections with the Every Nation ministry.  It was never discussed with the staff and no information was shared as to the reasoning.  Yet again, we were left with questions… and our only answer was to Trust.

One thought on “Questions

  1. oh, jana…at first, hearing you talk about master’s commission, i wasn’t sure that we really had come from the same church – it is AMAZING to me that i not once mentioned the name of even the city where my church was located and you knew *exactly* the church affiliation. and i’ve read through your story and realize, yes, it is exactly the same affiliation only you were there even after i left. not that’s either here nor there.

    oh, sister…wow. i don’t know enough about the scandal that went down…just names and a few details. i haven’t done any research lately about where…oh, hell, who cares…rice and phil and leo are now…but i am SO GLAD we’re both out of that system. i know jim l. came to my church to sort of help with the recovery process there.

    it is making my heart grieve with thanksgiving to hear someone else’s story…and then everyone else’s comments who have also been through it…even writing my own story this week, i kept thinking and justifying their behavior – even though i know how wrong it is! the power of mind control at it’s best!

    i am thanking jesus we are out of there. and praying TO GOD that other people see the light and gain the courage to just leave if, in fact, it’s still creating as much damage.


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