Redemption Road

For any of you that have followed My Story of heartache and control this is the sequel to that page.  This page will contain the miracles, hope and healing God brought to our life as we began our journey away from religion and into the arms of Christ.

My prayer is that if you have been in a similar situation…you will see that you aren’t alone.  There is freedom and life after being spiritually abused.

With Much Love and Prayer,

Jana Bishop

6 thoughts on “Redemption Road

  1. Hi Jana,

    I have referred people to your Blog to understand how to deal with hurt from church and it’s leadership. You have done such a great job exposing it and showing people how to find their way to a healthy and whole life.

    In my post I am desperately trying to reach people who have been hurt to encourage them to get back to church and not to stay in that place of hurt and disillusionment.
    Please can you share a bit here and refer people to your blog to learn form your story. I would be very grateful as there are too many hurt Christians out there not in church due to hurt. I know you understand them and I know your words will help them find a way back to church.

    Jana even if you want to write a full post as a guest blogger please feel free to do so.

    Lots of Love

  2. Jana….all I see are 2 paragraphs with ghe heading Redemption Road….no links below it?? I’m looking from iPhone through the link you posted this am on FB

  3. o.k. I am not the smartest cookie with all these internet tools…how do I open what you write on this blog thing? I have never been on a blog before, still can’t figure out wikki space which is how Lynda’s coach communicates with us. YIKES. I like old fashion e-mails (who remembers what a letter is?)

    1. Dawna…you have got to be my favorite person…I so love you! You can just click on the sub page words in green and it will open each entry. But you can also call or text me and I’ll be glad to help.

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