A Simple Little Poem

I heard of a tale one time

About a husband and wife who were blind

And to everyone’s surprise

They seemed to get along just fine

But deep in their hearts

They held a hope very dear

If only they could see…

Their days would hold no fear

They lived, worked and taught

All in their secure cell

Their pain and sorrow

They swore to never tell

For they knew if they spoke

Of things heard but not seen

They would experience a side well hidden

A side that was mean

So in darkness they roamed

Grasping for the light

And then one day they asked…

“Gracious Lord…please give us sight”

Their eyes were opened

And the brightness hurt

But no more than darkness

Or condemning words

With forgiveness they proceeded

To love, serve and give

All the while rejoicing

They were finally free to Live!

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