California Dreaming

2008 – Lafayette, LA

In the midst of hurricanes and home repairs, the church in California called and asked us to fly out for an in person interview. We could hardly contain the excitement. After years of living in Louisiana, I never felt at home. It had cast such a dark cloud on our newly wed years. With no family around and a dwindling list of friends, we craved a place to belong. A place to plant roots and call home. With hearts wide open, we arrived in sunny California and could not believe our eyes. It was love at first sight. Even though we did a brief stint in California a few years prior, this experience was our own. No one told us to go. We were making our own decisions about our future, and goodness is was freeing. I felt the sun shining on my face as we waited outside for our rental car. And just like that, I knew I was home.

Days of interviews, shared meals and a pool party gave us a good idea of the church culture and its leadership. As Barry and I boarded the flight back to Louisiana we recounted the night we heard the names Chris and Jess drop into our hearts. And there we were, just 8 months shy of that cold, February evening…leaving the church they pastored. We could feel the excitement of the events as they transpiered before our eyes. It would only be a matter of weeks before we knew the final answer. Like a line of dominos falling one on top of the other, events were unfolding quickly. Either way, the tide was turning. Change was coming and we were ready.