Flash Flood

2007 – Lafayette, LA

“Jana…wake up!”  “Babe, come on…you have to get out of here.”  I woke up in a panic and hit the floor running.  But, something was odd…my feet landed in water…lots and lots of water.  I could hear Barry shouting as he ran down the hallway.  “Get out of the room, it’s flooding”  He grabbed a flashlight from the office and ran out to the front yard.  I was mortified!  My mind hadn’t fully registered the fact that water was rising around my toes, I was more worried about the fact that Barry ran outside in his underwear!

I stood at the threshold of our front door as Barry turned off the main water valve to our home.  It was pitch black outside and I felt a wave of relief at the fact that our neighbors were probably all fast asleep.  Sprinting back inside, Barry rushed past me and turned on the water in our guest bathroom.  He let out a sigh of relief when the faucet ran dry and quickly returned to my side.  I chuckled out loud and motioned to his choice of attire.  “Jalapeno boxers…nice babe, very nice.”   “You look HOT.” 🙂

With the water turned off and the situation under control, we were ready to survey the damage.  We gathered our flashlights and began searching for the cause of the leak.  I felt like a CSI agent…although there was no crime and I was really more concerned with the reality that some of my favorite shoes were ruined.  But, despite my half-hearted attempt at detective work, Barry remained true to his mission.  Within minutes he discovered that the water pipes in our ceiling had split wide open in the middle of the night.  For hours, hundreds of gallons of water poured through a portion of our home.   It was bad…really bad.

Time stood still as we moved each salvageable item into the living room or to the back patio to dry.  Our beautiful  master bedroom was flooded and not just any flood…it was soaked from the inside out.  The walls were wet, the insulation was drenched and just when we thought we had seen the worst of it…the ceiling caved in.

That is insulation on the floor…double gross.

Oh yeah…did I mention this happened one week after we agreed to pray about returning to the ministry?  This picture summarizes what my thoughts were on the subject.


5 thoughts on “Flash Flood

  1. Your’s is much worse, but I remember falling asleeping on the living room floor when I was in 6th grade. I woke up to being in water. Our hot water heater burst. They just had to replace carpeting, but I remember how awful it felt to wake up to that. We did get put up in a hotel for a while. Not alot to choose from in this small town though if you know what I mean..LOL!

  2. O my goodness, that is terrible! However, I gotta say the picture of how you felt made me laugh so hard. Things like that are only funny because they’re true – lol!

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