Let the Good Times Roll

I ran inside, my brand new high heels filled with water as I made my way to the back door.  Of all things, I had forgotten my umbrella in the middle of hurricane season.  I grabbed some paper towels and soaked up the rain puddles I made in the hallway.  Glancing to the right I caught my reflection in the tinted glass.  For whatever reason, it hit me…I was at work.  Finally, after weeks of interviews, phone calls and tweaking my resume…I had a JOB!!  And not just any job…a job that I loved. 

The people I worked with brought a tremendous amount of healing to my heart.  Without ever knowing it, they were being used by God to show me what real leadership combined with friendship and conflict resolution should look like.  My boss’ treated me with respect and they paid me well for my work.  It was an exciting time for me..my eyes were slowly opening to the freedom that Barry and I had lived without for so long.  Life without strings attached was good…really good.

As we both settled into our new work schedules, we started to think about our next steps in life.  We spent years being told what our future would look like.  We were going to help plant a church, we were going to establish roots in Louisiana, we were going to serve our pastors vision…we were going to give up everything in hopes that one day we would be considered good enough to finally follow the call of God on our own lives. 

We dreamed another man’s dream for so long…we didn’t even know what it felt like to have our own aspirations.

So, like any couple longing to get established, we decided to look into buying a house.  As the weeks and months flew by we eagerly searched for a home.  Each and every weekend we drove all around town in hopes of landing an amazing deal.  In the midst of the time crunch we felt in our hearts that God had the perfect house for us.  We waited impatiently on His timing and the more we struggled with doubt the more God proved Himself faithful and reliable.  We learned quickly that God was preparing us for one of the biggest miracles we had ever experienced and a form of conformation that we could have never expected. 

God was working on our behalf and the good times were just getting started.

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