2007 – Broussard, LA

I sat on the floor with several newspapers and a highlighter.  The task in front of me was a daunting one.  After several years in the ministry I had served in numerous roles, worn various hats and spent hours in front of a computer screen.  Yet, I had nothing to show for it…at least nothing that a possible employer would value.  I could just see them reading my resume “Oh, you led prayer meetings and worked with college students, how…nice???”

I knew I could handle whatever job I was given, the problem was trying to get my foot in the door.  I wrestled with the fact that Barry and I were never given actual job titles.  We were “Sons and Daughters in the house”…”It was a Family Farm”…”When the tide rises all the ships rise”…etc, etc.  So many quotes and ways of thinking, yet definition was never given to the tasks we so diligently set our hands too.  I looked up articles on writing resumes, searched hundreds of examples.  Learned about form letters and follow-up phone calls.  The hunt went on for over a month as Barry and I desperately searched for jobs.

During that time we were still finishing up our last few weeks on staff.  We were graciously given a lighter schedule so that we could prepare for our new life.  The word of our resignation was getting out quickly, but nothing was said from the pulpit. We were left to feel awkward and weird about the transition looming in front of us. Our senior pastor did not feel he needed to announce our resignation to the church, instead he brought us up in front of one of the leader meetings and had us explain why we were leaving.  It was humiliating and unnerving.   After all that time, we were not even given the respect of a proper farewell…we simply disappeared from the staff as if we had committed a sin.  I was tense and on edge as we muddled through our final weeks.  Yet, Barry handled it with grace and ease.  Tearful, confused goodbyes, notes of appreciation and a picture of the Eifel Tower concluded our 4 year stint on staff.  We had no idea what would be ahead of us… overwhelming, incredible freedom was at our doorstep…we were on our way to a new future and we could hardly wait.

3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. The moment i knew i had found a healthy church is when the pastor CELEBRATED people moving on to new ministries, countries, Jobs, etc. We threw parties for them, gave them gifts, and proper farewells. AND WE KEPT IN TOUCH. I cannot tell u how hurt i was when I left MC in the middle of the year and i heard from no one. I phoned all the girls who called me a “sister” for 2 years, and not one answered or even replied. I, like you, felt not only abandoned by them, but by God. When other “unsaved” friends were right there at my doorstep inviting me to baseball games and hangouts, and my “Christian” friends were rejecting me– it confused the HECK out of me. But i did begin to see and understand what religion, self righteousness, legalism, judgementalism, conditional love, and performance looked like. And i wanted nothing to do with it. Because of our innate need for fellowship, love, acceptance, and simply friendship, I found myself hanging out with these other friends every night. We shared many laughs tears and beers. Thankfully before i got caught up too deep in that lifestyle, my amazing, forgiving, loving, and risky God reached in and pulled me out. He put me on a path that led me out of Louisiana and to a new life I never could’ve imagined. The life i now live and love.

    I love your blog and the gentle, humble heart of justice that is the foundation of it.

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