What Next?

Over the next few weeks Barry and I worked around the clock to get the house back in order.  Thankfully our homeowners insurance covered a portion of the damage, and with Barry’s background in construction, we were able to do a majority of the work to the house at a fraction of the cost.  During the renovation process Barry’s parents drove down for a visit.  We introduced them to our puppy Coach and the joys of Cajun dancing.  But, sadly the phone rang during our Father’s Day lunch together and the sad news of Barry’s Grandfather’s passing was delivered.  Within hours we were organizing a trip back to Iowa for the funeral.  It seemed like another wave of questions raced through our minds as we boarded the plane.  What next, what else will catch us off guard?  We were coasting along…until…well…until God began asking for more of our hearts. Was this His way of saying “Way to Go kids!”  “You’re on the right path!”

As usual, I was slipping into uncertainty.  God was always an anomaly to me.  Miraculous and loving…yet, completely unpredictable.  Which one could I trust in now?  What was going to happen next?

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