Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry

I've tried really hard to write this week.  I've stared at the blank computer screen resting my hands against the keyboard with tears in my eyes.  I've felt so insecure about trying to put my thoughts out here in the open for everyone to read.  So, like any vulnerable person...I held them inside because I wanted [...]

Important Update for MC students

Below is a statement regarding the affiliate status of the Master's Commission that Barry and I were on staff at in Louisiana.  In light of the many stories of abuse the MCIN received, they conducted an investigation and have removed the affiliate status of this program. I am forever thankful to Pastor Lloyd Zeigler and [...]

Are You Afraid Too?

I am Afraid...but I don't want to be... Recently I logged on to Anne Jackson's blog and read an old post titled "Are You Afraid to be Amazing?"  Anne's blog is wonderful and if you would like to check it out, you can click here.  Here's the excerpt from Anne's post that got my attention: I wish I had [...]