A Transparent Life (part 2)

It was 2007 and I had just recuperated from a painful miscarriage.  After almost five years of marriage, I was ready to become a mother. My arms were empty and my heart was aching.  I spent months planning and preparing my body to be able to carry a child to full term.  My eye was [...]

Just Lettin’ My Hair Down

After my last post, which I mulled over forever... I started thinking about how hard it is to truly be honest about heartache, sin and disappointment when you are leading more than just yourself.   Because of that, I think there are a lot of minister's wives that are dealing with things in the quiet of their own prayer [...]

Reality Church

I absolutely love reality television.  It is one of my favorite indulgences.  The more drama...the better.  I guess I kind of enjoy seeing people's "real lives".  It makes me feel like I am not alone in my quirkiness.  If camera's were rolling at my house today, you would have found me in my PJ's until noon, logged onto Facebook while [...]

Shotgun For Sale

I was left home alone.  Let me just clarify something...I HATE being home alone.  So, in an effort to make me feel more secure, Barry showed me how to use a shotgun before he left for the week.  Okay, okay stop laughing!  It wasn't loaded and to be honest, I had no idea where the bullets were.  But, I figured [...]

The Lonely Fall

The Fall of 2006 was a lonely time for me... I ran into the living room a little shocked, but mostly excited.  I had taken three pregnancy tests and all of them came back positive.  It was true, I was going to be a mom...we were going to be parents.  After 4 years of marriage Barry and I desperately wanted [...]